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Ask yourself the following questions:​

  1. Am I going fishing, cruising, to the sandbar?

  2. How many people are in my party?

  3. What are the dates?

  4. Have I driven a boat/jet ski before?

  5. Do I know the area and water?

Where Do I Start?


What Boats are Best for What Activities?

Center Consoles

  • Center Consoles are good fishing boats and cruising boats.  If you want to go far offshore, you'll need a bigger boat with twin engines (27' and up).  

  • Smaller Center Consoles are good near shore fishing and cruising boats.  Some can even go bayside if you know the waterways well.


Bay Boats

  • Bay Boats have flatter bottoms so they can better navigate the shallow waters of the bay. They are great cruising and fishing boats.

  • Generally speaking, Bay Boats are not ideal for the ocean as the ride tends to be rougher in heaiver open ocean winds.


Cover Deck Boats

  • Cover Deck Boats are boats strickly built for comfort and fun.  They offer lots of seating, smooth rides and shade from the sun.

  • Cover Deck Boats are meant for easy cruising, bayside or near shore oceanside, and anchoring up and enjoying the Islamorada Sandbar.


Check out our fleet of rental boats. Whether you want to go offshore fishing, bayside or just cruise to the sandbar, find the boat that can meet your needs.


Call 305-664-2463 or email to confirm the availability and price of your boat.  You can also stop by our main office, Seven Sports Marine at 84771 Overseas Hwy in Islamorada, FL 33036.


Once you have verbally confirmed a booking, you'll need to electronically fill out our Rental Agreement.  Once the Rental Agreement is filled out and received by Islamorada Watersports, your good to go.


On the first day of your rental, show up to Whale Harbor Marina.  From there you will fill out a checklist with our friendly dockhands, and in the water in no time at all!


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